My Yamarin story

Yamarin has found its way into the hearts of boaters. The main thing for us is a happy customer. We have met with some Yamarin boatersand collected stories and experiences from them. You will read these stories here.

“On this boat every outing is a unique experience”
- Thomas from Porvoo, Finland

The Yamarin 59 Day Cruiser owner.

Thomas is a lifelong boater. Already when he was a child, the family went sailing actively. He acquired his first own boat at 16 years young. His first Yamarin was a Hard Top, the 540 Big Game, excellently suited for his family’s boating needs at the time. Currently he mainly takes his craft out in the Sipoo and Porvoo archipelago on beautiful summer days.

Thomas’s extended family owns cabins in the Porvoo archipelago, and his Yamarin relieves him of any access concerns. In his opinion, the Yamarin 59 DC is great for such connections, since it “won’t stop short”. When out in the archipelago, you need to have a boat to rely on even in rougher conditions, also considering possible weather changes whilst underway.

Thomas does a lot of his boating by himself, which has affected his choice of boat: he currently skippers a Yamarin 59 DC. For going out and mooring single-handedly, the Yamarin 59 DC is just the right size of boat. He particularly appreciates the 59 DC’s walk-through layout that facilitates moving on board. He is very happy with the boat’s characteristics and features in other respects as well. He considers the Yamarin 59 DC a safe boat that handles truly well, and the reliable Yamaha outboard engine is the icing on the proverbial cake.

“Boating provides a break from everyday routines.”

Yamarin 59 DC owner


“A robust boat that handles great and retains its value well”
- Jouko from Riihimäki, Finland

The Yamarin 63 Day Cruiser owner.

During his almost 40 years as a boater, Jouko has owned and skippered dozens of boats in different sizes and power configurations. He spent most of his childhood, and still spends most of his free time, on the waters and shores of the lakes Konnivesi, Ruotsalainen and Päijänne.

Jouko’s household currently features two Yamarin boats: the Yamarin 63 DC and the Yamarin 44 SC. He uses the boats for getting around, and he especially commends the handling of Yamarin thanks to the nicely shaped hull. Jouko spends a lot of time on the water by himself. Additionally, his partner has also learned boating skills and takes the Yamarin 44 SC out when crossing waterways on her berry picking or mushroom picking excursions. Jouko feels that Yamarins are well-designed all-round boats. The versatile line-up offers good alternatives for all purposes.

Jouko considers the Yamarin 63 DC a solid boat that handles well even in rougher weather. Yamarin is a well-known brand that retains its value well in the used boat market. According to Jouko, spare parts and servicing are also readily available, and Yamarin dealers are knowledgeable and actively engaged in what they do.

“The Yamarin and Yamaha combos have been incredibly reliable, and they have been in good demand in the used boat market; I have found mine easy to sell.”

Yamarin 63 DC owner


“When you board the boat at to take off somewhere, if just for a little ride, this already is enough to bring a smile to your face”
- Pasi from Lahti, Finland

The Yamarin 65 Day Cruiser owner.

Pasi became a boating enthusiast already in his youth, when he went sailing with his buddies for a number of summers. When he grew up, his other hobbies took over, although he never lost interest in boating. The spark was rekindled on visits to the cabin of his extended family located on Lake Päijänne. The charm of boating on the big lake and connected waterways instantly got him hooked.

On a visit to a boating fair, Pasi made it his business to get familiar with what’s on offer. The following summer they still settled for their old boat, but next in line for Pasi and his family was the Yamarin 59 DC, which brought the skipper in him back out for real.The more you get, the more you want; come the following summer, Pasi’s family bought another boat, going up one size category with the Yamarin 65 DC.

For Pasi, boating is purely a pastime activity and the family’s common holiday thing. He and some of his buddies have also established their own “boating club” that makes joint trips with a number of boats in the fold.
He commends the Yamarin 65 DC particularly for its handling, ease of use and functional spaces. The Webasto marine heating system, installed as an optional accessory, provides good heating in any weather. According to Pasi, the trim tabs make the boat run more steadily even with a bigger load or in heavy airs.
As boating experience grows, so does the level of expectation for the equipment, and Pasi is now again considering a bigger boat. Now Pasi has bought the Yamarin 79 Day Cruiser.

Yamarin 65 DC owner


“The Yamarin Cross 60 Cabin has proven a splendid boat to get around on”
- Timo from Lahti, Finland

The Yamarin Cross 60 Cabin owner.

Timo, a boating man since wayback, is very happy with hisYamarin Cross 60 Cabin.
He considers the boat versatile and safe as well as easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Timo mainly uses the boat to get to his weekend home, but he feels that it is also highly suitable for fishing and boating trips.Timo and his family take the boat out from the marina in Lahti to Vesijärvi and further to Päijänne, two lakes in the area connected by a canal. One of his most memorable boating experiences is a day trip taken together with friends during the heat wave in summer 2010.

Yamarin 60 Cabin owner