Brings summer to your life

The entire world of Yamarin has been built on this promise.

We want to make available for you a chance to enjoy the best summer of your life: to bask in the sun, soak in the warmth and spend quality time together, or to make day cruises or take relaxing boat trips with the family, or go fishing or engage in other maritime hobbies.

Yamarin has grown into an important international boat brand, with the spirit of relaxing together with family and friends. Boating with Yamarin is effortless, comfortable and safe. Now you can make your summer dreams come true!

Make a great choice – get a Yamarin

We combined the most recent technology used in Finnish boatbuilding with ageless designs, and achieved a result where nothing has been compromised.

You want boating to be effortless, safe and comfortable. This is why we have designed the Yamarin boats to deliver top-rate manoeuvrability, commended year in and year out in both Finnish and international boat tests.

When it comes to equipping the boats, Yamarin focuses on creating complete packages to maximise the boating pleasure. With this approach, Yamarin delivers the most comprehensive level of standard equipment in the boating market. Can you think of an easier choice, whether for the seasoned skipper or a first-time boat buyer? All Yamarin craft comply with the European Recreational Craft Directive.

The Yamarin boats are built in Finland from high-quality materials. When you decide that you need a bigger boat, you will find it easier to sell the old one, if it’s a Yamarin, a durable boat valued by boaters.

Yamarin e-brochures 2017

Here you can find the latest Yamarin and Yamarin Cross e-brochures in 5 different languagues!

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