Cross 64 Bow Rider

The sporty Yamarin Cross 64 Bow Rider offers thrill of speed from the start.

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Boat equipments

This speedy and spacious all-purpose boat is excellent for water sports, day trips or as a tender. Standard equipment of the boat includes a handy single-key Abloy locking system. The open aft space is crowned by a spacious U-couch that offers enough seafing for a large group of friends. The upright design of the boat’s sturdy windshield provides great wind protection, even to passengers sitting at the back. 

Technical Info
Length 6,31 m
Width 2,32 m
Weight 880 kg
Persons 8
Motor Recommendation 115-150 hp
Transom X
CE Yes
Design Category C
Yamaha Motor Preinstalled Yes

Estimated speed:

engine, Yamaha    F115 F150
propeller 13 x 19” K SS 688      13 ¾ x 21” M SS 6G5   
top speed 36 knots 45 knots