Cross 64 Bow Rider

This is a sporty, speedy and spacious all-rounder that is well suited for day cruises, fishing and commuting rides.

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The Yamarin Cross 64 BR is an all-round boat, suitable for day trips and fishing and can also be used as a tender. Every detail of its design takes greater account of practicality and functionality, combined with a good runnability which guarantees safe and versatile boating pleasure in all conditions and for every taste.

In the Yamarin Cross 64 BR, the focus is on design and ease of movement from bow to stern. The new bow shape makes it easier to step in to the boat, together with higher rails will keep you safe while moving around. The boat includes a comfortable L-shaped couch with a backrest at the bow, and a box that can be removed when necessary – during fishing, for example. 

The Yamarin Cross 64 BR has a very sturdy windscreen. Long side screens and the windscreen's more upright position provides extra protection from the wind. The result in overall provides more wind protection for every passenger in the open space at the rear, than Bow Rider boats normally do.

Offshore seats for the driver and co-driver provide good lateral and upper-back support. On deck, the inner board has built-in, practical stands for fenders, placed where they can easily be used.The Yamarin Cross 64 Bow Rider has a reserved mounting spot for a fixed chart plotter with a 9” screen. 

The open space in the back is crowned by a six-person U-couch with a sturdy and comfortable backrest. If you need more space for moving around in the rear of the boat, just fold down the starboard side of the U-couch. In addition, the U-coach easily converts into a sun bed.

An interesting feature of the boat is its Abloy locking system, that is only available for Yamarin. All locks (5 in total) are opened with one single key; you can use the same key to lock the five storage spaces on the boat. The boat also has a roomy, lockable glove compartment and space for a cooler.

Technical Info
Length 6,31 m
Width 2,32 m
Weight 880 kg
Persons 8
Motor Recommendation 115-150 hp
Transom X
CE Yes
Design Category C
Yamaha Motor Preinstalled Yes

Estimated speed:

engine, Yamaha    F115 F150
propeller 13 x 19” K SS 688      13 ¾ x 21” M SS 6G5   
top speed 36 knots 45 knots