Cross 60 Cabin

This is a dream boat for leisurely boaters and fishermen. You can launch this aluminium-hulled boat early in the spring and continue boating long into the autumn.

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Boat equipments

The Yamarin Cross 60 Cabin is the first cabin boat in the range and has been specially developed for use in coastal connections and leisurely fishing. The spacious bow area facilitates loading and unloading, and thanks to the wide centre aisle, you can move around effortlessly inside the boat. Additionally, the Yamarin Cross 60 Cabin has wide doors and a roof hatch that opens upwards. The large windows guarantee good visibility for the helmsman to all directions. The boat has ample space for passengers and their gear. Designated compartments for fishing tackle add to the fishermen's comfort.
Recommended price for a boat with two-point hydraulic steering 38 850 € (boat price in Finland, incl. VAT 24%).

Technical Info
Length 6,03 m
Width 2,33 m
Weight 960 kg
Persons 6
Motor Recommendation 70-150 hp
Transom X
CE Yes
Design Category C
Yamaha Motor Preinstalled Yes